We specialize in the design, assembly, service and renovation of low voltage electrical switchgears, industrial automation control systems, production lines and industrial machines.

We also offer a full range of small-size switchgears.

We prepare switchgear prefabrication projects based on our own and clients’ projects.

Many years of experience and high professional qualifications of our team fully translate into the quality of services provided by our company.

The experience of employees in the field of the power industry, shipbuilding, automotive, fuel and chemical sectors is fully used to meet the needs of our clients.

At the same time, we carry out electrical installation and automation works in industrial and public facilities.

Partner cooperation with industry companies allows us to comprehensively implement the services entrusted to us.


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Everyone should remember one basic thing:
1. the company’s success depends on the good quality of our products and services.
2. We work with companies that have been with us from the very beginning of our activity – and it has been for 10 years – and who have hardly ever used products and services of other companies, because we are a loyal business partner for them.
3. The issue of “quality” should be the main concern of our employees.
4. Object and workshop works are strictly limited to maintaining absolute order in the workplace.
5. In order to be one of the priorities for cleaning, employees must be provided with adequate resources.
6. To do a “good job” you have to constantly improve.
7. The results and results of the previous year have to be beaten.
8. Continuous tracking of product and service trends is another of the priorities of our business. If we were still doing our job as we did 10 years ago, today we would simply be gone.